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December 2008
Water & Oil cooler
electro fan

November 2008
Connection of Chassis with Body

October 2008
GM 10 Bolt axle with JL-8
Engine with cooling system
Engine Start up (Video 57 MB)

September 2008
Car painting (interior & under floor)
Fastener details

May to Ausgust 2008
Engine assembly

March 2008
Bore & Hone

January 2008
Engine: Splayed main caps (machine work)

December 2007

Body shop part III
(Transport to the painter)

November 2007
Bodyshop Part II

August 2007
Body shop Part I

January 2007
Steering gearbox and pump

December 2006
Measuring the rear end for JL-8
Transport to the body shop

October 2006
Rear end cleaning and new color

September 2006
Parts galvanizing

August 2006

Front Chassis reinforcement / pouder coating
Door cleaning

June 2006
Underfloor cleaning

May 2006
Aquisition & Transport

Start 2006
Befor restoration

Camaro 1967 RS (grey met.)